A python library that makes AMR parsing, generation and visualization simple.


amrlib is a python module designed to make processing for Abstract Meaning Representation (AMR) simple by providing the following functions

  • Sentence to Graph (StoG) parsing to create AMR graphs from English sentences.

  • Graph to Sentence (GtoS) generation for turning AMR graphs into English sentences.

  • A QT based GUI to facilitate conversion of sentences to graphs and back to sentences

  • Methods to plot AMR graphs in both the GUI and as library functions

  • Training and test code for both the StoG and GtoS models.

  • A SpaCy extension that allows direct conversion of SpaCy Docs and Spans to AMR graphs.

  • Rule Based Word Alignment of tokens to graph nodes

  • An evaluation metric API including..., Smatch (multiprocessed with enhanced/detailed scores) for graph parsing, BLEU for sentence generation, Alignment scoring metrics detailing precision/recall

  • Sentence paraphrasing - experimental

AMR Models

For details on available models see [models]((